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*** What is LGD-L? ***

LGD-L is an electronic mailing list dedicated to the concerns of the owners of Livestock Guarding Dogs (LGDs) also known as Flock Guardians or Livestock Protection Dogs. Fanciers, current and prospective owners of LGD breeds are welcome!

The list is intended to function as an open and positive forum on subjects pertaining to LGDs and their issues. Topics that are discussed on this list include training of working and/or companion dogs, problem solving, rescue issues, show announcements, brags, stories, and legislative issues pertaining to these dogs.

*** What are LGDs? ***

Livestock Guarding Dogs (LGDs) or Flock Guardians have been used in many Old World countries for thousands of years. There are many breeds or varieties that have evolved that are remarkably alike in size appearance, basic temperament, and coat color.

The basic work of an LGD is to protect livestock from predators. They are *not* herding or hunting dogs. They serve a special niche in the world of working dogs. They tend to be quite independent, and are usually considered large or giant in size, depending on the size of the predators of the region(s) of origin.

Generally, their working character and independence places special demands of responsibility on their owners. Many dog owners would be happier with any one of the modern breeds that have been developed for their obedience aptitudes rather than an LGD. These dogs are just not for everyone.

Many breeds have been used as flock guardians but have evolved into another working capacity. The American Indians developed strains of multipurpose dogs that were used for livestock guardians in addition to other uses, such as draft work.

The following is an incomplete list of several Old World LGDs and their countries (or geographic regions) of origin. Many of these breeds are still used as LGDs in their native lands and some continue to work here in the US. Many breeds are now rare even in the country of origin.

Czechoslovakia Slovak Cuvac
France Great Pyrenees
Greece Greek Sheepdog
Hungary Komondor
Italy Maremma Sheepdog
Morocco Chien de l'Atlas
Poland Owczarek Podhalanski
Portugal Cao de Castro Laboreiro
Estrela Mountain Dog
Rafeiro do Alentejo
Rumania Rumanian Sheepdog
Russia Caucasian Owtcharka
Middle Asian Owtcharka
South Russian Owtcharka
Spain Pyrenean Mastiff
Spanish Mastiff
Perro de Pastor Mallorquin
Tibet Tibetan Mastiff
Turkey Akbash Dog
Kangal Dog
Yugoslavia Karst Shepherd

Source: Atlas of Dog Breeds, Wilcox and Walkowicz, TFH Publications


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