Tales of The Daemon Sisters
and other LGD happenings
by Robert Denlinger

These stories are taken from a series of posts to LGD-L by Kentucky farmer Robert Denlinger. Born in June 1997, Capella and Calisto were a pair of Kuvasz bitches that were to win the heart and try the soul of the most devoted LGD fancier.

The posts have been only slightly edited for continuity. Robert’s very personal style of communication has been left untouched. His observations on the behavior of his first two dogs, and the subsequent dogs – some rescues – he added to his farm, are of value to anyone thinking about using any breed of LGDs.

These posts have been reprinted here with Robert’s permission. However, he holds the copyright on all posts and none can be reproduced without his permission.

For further information about him and his farm, see his website